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What is the Warehouse Storage Racking Specialty

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There are numerous types of Specialty Storage Racking to fit certain products and applications.  The following are types of Specialty Storage Racking we can provide.

Tire storage racks safely store and display automobile, truck and other vehicle tires. Tire rack systems are assembled into tiers to accommodate large quantities of tires.  Tire Racks are built for easy tire removal and storage. We offer numerous types of tire racks depending on your needs and requirements.

Record storage racks are high-capacity steel racks designed for storing all record and document storage containers, no matter the size or weight. These storage racks can be customized in multiple sizes and variable heights to accommodate your record storage needs and make the most of your warehouse space.  From medical files to architectural documents, whether you archive your records in cardboard file boxes or plastic bins, open-file containers or in bulk, our record storage racks can hold large capacities on each level and keep records organized, accessible, and safe. Record storage racks can be used with wire decking or particleboard shelves, depending on your business needs.


Stack racks are a cost-effective, compact, and portable solution for items that are of  various shapes and sizes.  They are ideal for storing items  vertically in order to save space. Stack rack systems are easy to assemble  and dissemble and can be stored compactly when not in use. Additionally, portable stack racks allow you to  easily adjust their warehouse floor plans as needed, offering maximum  flexibility.



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