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Zinc Plated Supermarket Shopping Trolleys Manufacturer More Popular

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Nowadays,zinc plated supermarket shopping trolleys have become more and more popular not only in Asian market,but also in American market.Thus, the zinc plated supermarket shopping carts manufacturers worldwide also become attractive.Why this phenomenon arise?Today let’s have a analysis.


Galvanized refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other materials coated with a layer of zinc to the appearance, rust and other effects of surface treatment technology. The main method used is hot galvanizing.


Supermarket shopping trolleys manufactured by galvanizing process,have the following advantages:

1, the appearance of the zinc plated supermarket shopping carts is smooth, no zinc tumor, burr, silver-white;

2, the thickness is controllable, within 5-107μm arbitrarily selected;

3, no hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazards, can guarantee the mechanical properties of the same material;

4, can replace part of the hot galvanized process;

5, good corrosion resistance, neutral salt spray test up to 240 hours.

Application of nails, nails, fasteners, water pipe fittings, scaffolding fasteners, steel wire saws and other chuck.


You Bang,as a professional manufacturer of zinc plated supermarket shopping trolley,we always keep up with the time step to improve our manufacturing technology.


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