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How to Classify Supermarket Shelving

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Supermarket shelves are also known as the supermarket storage racks, they are common shelves, every time when you visit the supermarket you will see, but usually this supermarket container will be blocked by a variety of products, and do not see its own, today Youbang would like to share with you on how to classify these supermarket shelves.


Shelf is the use of floor and pillar combination of debris from the shelves. And more by the bar-shaped support, to the bottom for the support, unique style, design dexterity, easy loading and unloading, clean and bright, open design, so that storage can be seen. Contains small pieces of household products.


The shelves can be divided into the following categories:


Glass Shelves


Features: generally made of tempered glass, stylish, easy to clean, but must avoid a strong collision.


Cost: high


Plastic Shelves


Features: With resistance to corrosion, anti-aging, no rust, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure, light weight, simple construction and so on.


Collocation: usually in the case of practical, the appearance is usually poor.


Cost-effective: low


Stainless Steel Shelves


Features: Does not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it allows the structural parts to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design.


With the general choice of wall-mounted shelves, can make good use of space, and increase the kitchen metal sense


Cost: medium


Alloy Storage racks


Features: Contains two or more metal or non-metallic composition of the metal properties of the material.


With: the same color with the cabinet, there will be a better decorative effect.


Cost-effective: medium high


Partition shelves


Features: The combination of PPR pipe rack, can be free with a combination of the middle hollow, put the partition, partition color green, orange, blue, black and other options, beautiful fashion.


With: the appearance is very beautiful, the assembly is also very simple, independent DIY.


Cost-effective: medium high


Shelves have diverse species, but also means the role of diverse,You Bang, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of supermarket storage shelves,has always been committing itself to developing new materials and absorbing high-tech to produce the quality supermarket shopping trolleys and supermarket storage shelves.


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