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Integrate Environmental Awareness into the Logistics and Warehousing Development

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Energy saving, environmental protection, green friendly have always been a hot topic, in recent years, warehousing also pay attention to energy efficient, today I would like to utter a few words on the green logistics and warehousing.


1 Energy-optimized Building


When planning new warehouses or retrofitting warehouses, you should consider using renewable energy. Placing a solar panel on a roof is a common practice, especially for large warehouses with large roofs, which makes it easier for a company to fulfill its commitment to environmental protection.


2 Path Planning and Calculation of Emissions


Transporting goods between different devices, delivering goods from distribution centers to customers, and moving them with flat trolleys. These are sparse and ordinary things. When inspecting transportation, storage and order picking, it is often found that measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Software solutions for this type of requirements may help you. The computer-optimized path can help you save energy in two ways: lower fuel consumption and less time spent. Even consider other more energy-efficient modes of transport, such as rail transport.


3 Use Energy Efficient and Efficient Delivery Technology


Most people do not doubt that their transport equipment wastes a lot of energy, but that's the case. Fortunately, advanced technology has solved this problem, the energy recovery system can save at least 50% of the energy.


As energy prices continue to rise, more energy is encouraged. Many energy-saving measures can reach break-even in three years.


4 Buy a Complete System


Buying different components from different vendors seems to save money, but it is a trap. In fact, this is not a smart choice, in the long-term use of the process, its operating costs higher than the money saved, that is more loss. The complete system is more energy efficient, because the components can be perfectly matched; reducing the number of interfaces also prevents unnecessary losses. In general, reducing the complexity of the system contributes to positive results, not only in terms of financial conditions, but also in environmental protection.


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